Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here She Is...Miss America

John and I watched the last half of this last night. Most of the entertainment was John making fun of the whole thing. Did you see Miss Nebraska's talent? Poor thing. It was awful. I was so embarrassed for her. She did this Broadway dance number from "Legally Blonde." How on earth did she get so far with so little talent? It's not on Youtube yet, but I will watch for it and post as soon as it is. And who gave that answer about social networking sites being such a great way to communicate and she see's no problem with them for teenagers? "I mean, I tweet all the time." Super smart!
(Miss Virgina is crowned. We are so PC to have a black president AND Miss America. How forward are we?)
When we turned it on, it was right in the middle of swimsuit. Nothing like Miss America swimsuit competition to raise yourself esteem. I notice though that the women were meatier. They were skinny (most with "work" done), but they were curvy! It was great! Do you think the curvy girl is coming back? Or is she back and I haven't had the email forwarded to me yet?
Now all I have to do is bring back saggy boobs and stretch marks and I'll be good to go for a bikini this summer!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleeping Together

You know I like to blog about randomness in my life like laundry, shoes, and my over-weightedness . I just think it's fun to record these things about my life at any given moment in time and guess what? You're the nerd that reads it.
So, let me tell you a little about our sleeping habits. . .
This may come as a surprise, but John is a cuddler. You know on mattress commercials there's always a beautiful couple, sleeping peacefully, wrapped in each other's embrace? This is John's ideal night's sleep. I'm okay with it until I actually want to sleep and I have to shake free of his sweaty, dead weight hug to get comfy on my tummy. Seriously, I'm a tummy sleeper (which makes pregnancy sleepless).
My bed is the very, very, very, very best in all the world. I sleep on the right (on your right as your looking at the picture) for two reasons; it's closest to the bathroom and closest to the door, so I can be up and out in a flash whenever a child whimpers.
That brown blanket on the bottom is just decoration. It comes off at night. The only blanket we use is the down comforter with a cover on it. No top sheet. This is my way of sleeping since high school that I forced John into.
When I was pregnant with Adeline, my Grandma Marilynn gave all the married couples a memory foam pad for their beds. We returned it without even giving it a try. A month or so later I went to visit my grandma. I was 7 months pregnant and not sleeping well until I laid in her guest bed. I was floating on a heavenly cloud! I asked her about that bed and she said "memory foam!" I can't believe I returned the one she bought me. When John picked me up from the airport at the end of my trip, I made him stop at Costco and re-buy that pad. It's been on my bed ever since and it's truly heaven on earth.

We both have memory foam pillows now.

John has added our most recent bed accessory. An electric blanket. This is a blanket with coils running through to heat it. It's actually under our memory foam, so it heats the bed without the itchy fleece that it's made out of touching our skin.
I learned something about myself. Heat makes me have weird dreams. Really. I was too hot and was have all kinds of hallucinations. Thank goodness this is a duel zoned blanket, so I could turn my side off. The only down side to it is that when we get in bed, John's side is nice and toasty and my side is ice cubes. John doesn't think this is a down side because it forces me to cuddle up to him. (Side story- after we'd only been married a few weeks, we stayed a couple nights with my good friend Michelle and her husband in their apartment. Their guest bed was a twin. We slept in it together. John said it was his best nights sleep to date. I told you, he is a serious cuddler). So now we spoon until the cool side of the bed is inviting to me. I flop onto my tummy and enter normal-dreamland.

One last tid-bit...This is the last thing I see before bed and first to see in the morn...
This painting hung in my Grandma Marilynn's house in Torrence above her couch. I remember laying on the couch and staring up at it. When she moved to her Laugna Niguel house, it hung in her guest room. When we moved to our house, there was some kind of problem that forced my grandparents to take the painting off the wall. Days after I thought "I wonder how much it would be to commission an artist to make a replica," my grandma called and said she'd rather not rehang it and thought I might want it for my new home. I complimented my Gram for being so connected to me with a "Heck Yea!" This is the one item I would save if my house burned to the ground. That's what I get for being the favorite granddaughter!

And that is the oh so interesting story of John and I sleeping together.

(HAHA! Tricked you)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jordan World Circus

Grandma Juju treated us all to the circus yesterday. She did not disappoint with the amount of sugar she brought along! I don't think I've ever been to a circus, so I didn't know what to expect. If you know me, you know I LOVE to people watch, so you can imagine my joy when the weirdest people around display themselves in sparkly costumes and show off their odd talents. To make it even better, my mom and sister are avid people watchers as well, so you can imagine the laughs we got!

(yes, I'm wearing a candy necklace)
The boys loved this guy on the "Ring of Destiny"
The highlight for moms was this chubby woman that spun balls and tiny hula hoops on her feet. My mom shook with laughter next to me. I was frozen with shock and couldn't get my jaw off the ground. At least her nude colored undies covered more of her rear than any other woman's did in the show.
Thanks Gram for the fun night for all:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I need your opinion for my new curtains

Here are my old curtains (picture taken for a shower so ignore the decorations).
I've never really loved them. I put them up October 2008. The only reason I remember that is because just days after reluctantly getting them up, my friend Ellen came over said "Look how cute! You've decorated for Halloween and you even have Halloween curtains!" When I told her "No! They are my real curtains." She back pedaled with some comment about not having her contacts in and I just laughed. I thought it was funny, but it made my iffy feelings about my curtains turn to more dislike.
Obviously I didn't care so much to do something about it until now. So here are a few pictures of my house (which is clean- thank you very much). This is above my cabinets in my kitchen.

I've been in this RED phase for like our whole marriage, but am starting to ween myself out of it. I think it's a little formal. I'm adding more blues and greens, which I think lightens things up a bit. I can't let go of red completely.
We have this picture of Christ that John loves- wearing red
I just replaced our family pictures in our family room. There are blues and greens in them- no red.
This is my fireplace. I have all- red, green and blue
So here's the blue curtains. I know it's hard to tell without seeing the whole picture, but humor me and use your imagination. (day and night pics of both, just because you know, I'm neurotic like that)
You can see the color blue in this picture with my jammie clad girls above.

And here's my classic red that my sister said already has her vote- sight unseen.
Now this just throws some excitement into the mix. I bought these awesome red damask curtains online, but am having second thoughts. I am thinking they might be too busy. I'm also worried that Ellen is going to come over and compliment me on my new Valentines curtains. She's had lasik, so no excuses now, E!
I LOVE this print, but not sure if I want it hanging from every wall in my family room and kitchen. Maybe I could just make some pillows out of it?
You see, I have this whole wall of windows to cover (2 are new), plus one in the kitchen you can't see. This is why I'm being picky with this decision.
So what do you think?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Dana,

Let me tell you all about my weekend...
You know John and I usually get a babysitter on Friday night to go out, but we had a date planned for Saturday, so I planned a night in for Friday. I invited Cami and her family and John's brother and sister over for pizza and a movie. Have you ever had Papa Murphy's pizza? They probably don't have it in England, but when you get back here, I will buy it for you. They have this pizza called veggie delight that is only 3 points per slice! 3 points! And it's heavenly.
I rented "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." I bought a bunch of junk and popped popcorn. I ate more sugar than I had all week, which doesn't say much because I've been eating crazy healthy. Cami and I didn't even watch the movie. We went into my room for me to show her new curtains I got and ended up just chatting in there the whole time. It was a fun night.

Saturday morning Cami and I went to a class at the gym together. She is a member of 24 Hour Fitness and I sneak in on Saturday mornings to take this class with her. It's super intense and I love it! I swear I was sweating so much you could have rung it out of my shirt. So great!
When I got home I had to make 3 batches of cupcakes for a primary meeting on Sunday, shower (of course), clean things up and get ready for our date.
We went cross country skiing...
It was so fun and another great work out. We went with this cute couple that we are dating. Remember how we used to talk about dating other couples? HAHAHAHA. We're so funny. So it was our second date with them. They asked us out the first time, then we invited them skiing. Now the ball is in their court. It's not serious yet. He (Todd) and John have done some work together, so they text and email, but her (Lacey) and I haven't exchanged contact info yet. Maybe I will try to become her friend on facebook. It's all so complicated these days.
We found some snow caves that the men thought were super cool. The women were less impressed, but funny to watch the men act like cub scouts.
After skiing we went to dinner. Good night.

Sunday was busy.

This morning John went to "Dad's and Donuts" at Austin's school. The dad's get to go to school and read with the kids. When Austin got home from school and I asked him how it was he said "It was great. The other kids wanted to read with my dad so we ended up with 4 other kids." Super cute! There ya go. You asked for it! Let the vicarious living begin.
Love and miss you,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2000-2009: Decade in Review

2000: I started beauty school. Sent my family on a mission. Struggled through single adulthood, but had some defining moments that made me who I am today.

2001: Married the perfect man for me in the Costa Rica temple. Best decision I ever made and I thank Heaven everyday for that strength.

2002: My first pregnancy which, as it does, lead me to give birth to my first child. Austin Michael Jonas Nov. 12. Becoming a mother made everything right in the world.
2003: John went to school full time and worked two jobs. We bought our first house in Provo, Utah. He graduated from BYU with a BA in computer science. My family came home from Costa Rica. I was happy as a clam being a stay home mom.

2004: John worked a job and hated it, so quit to start his own business from home. Him being home literally saved my life when I nearly bled to death after a miscarriage. By the end of the year I was pregnant with my second.

2005: March 27 (Easter Sunday) I gave birth to Adeline April 5 weeks early. She was healthy as can be and a perfect baby. We had grown out of our little house and since John's business was going well, we were able to upgrade. At Christmas we moved into our current home.

2006: We spent this year in total enjoyment of our little family and new home. We were so happy and only wanted to add to it, so we quickly got pregnant with number 3.

2007: We welcomed Bailey Sara on April 27. She cried a lot and my perfect baby Addie had turned into a mischievous 2 year old. It was a rough year, but still happy.

2008: We started to get into the swing of things with 3 children. Took them all to Costa Rica for a month. Austin started Kindergarten and I ate up every minute home with my girls.

2009: We vacationed it up. Took the kids to Disneyland twice. Also, St. George, Mesa Verde, Capitol Reef, and Lake Powell. John spoke at two seminars that I did not go to, one in San Diego and one in Minneapolis. By myself, I went to North Carolina twice and Minneapolis. Together, John and I went to London, Thailand, and the Philippines.

My life has exceeded all my hopes and dreams this decade. I am in awe of where I am and can't wait to get into the 10's and welcome all it has to offer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009 in Review

I am stealing this idea to review my year from quite a few of you who have done it and I think it's darling. It was hard to narrow each month to a picture, but here we go...

January: snow has lost it magic from Christmastime, but we are still enjoying itFebruary: Always full of love and cuddling in jammies
March: We went to St. George to search for sunshine

April: Easter, sunshine, and kittens
May: Family vacation to California- Disneyland, Uncle Bob's, Grandma Marilynn's and one of my best Mother's Day.
June: Welcoming summer in full force- outdoor theater, Lake Powell, mother/daughter trip for Bailey and me in the Twin Cities, John and the 2 big kids to So. Utah, and my flowers in bloom
July: One of the greatest Claybaugh vacations to date- the beach, Disneyland, shopping, and the best company in all the world!
August: I got to spend a week with these pretty ladies in NC
September: Dreamy trip to London with my dreamboat. Plus Austin started 1st grade (all day school- TEAR!)
October: Crazy and fun trip to Thailand/Philippines and Halloween- bring on the holidays
November: Loving football season and hosting Thanksgiving
December: Sharing the Holidays with the people I love the very most in all the world