Saturday, January 28, 2012

Marketer's Cruise 2012

 We just got home from a Western Caribbean cruise with about 400 other Internet marketers. Big HOLLA to my mom who watched my 4 children for 10 days. In those 10 days, Bailey, my mom and dad all got the pukes and Lila got her very first ear infection (tears on the cruise ship from this sad mom!) Luckily my mom is a better mom than me, so I knew everyone was well taken care of.
Our first stop was in Cozumel, where we went scuba diving. The real highlight of the day was lunch though; real Mexican food with a (virgin) pina colada.
 Top the day off with a little shopping before getting back on the ship and I am one happy gal.
Formal evening

Here we are in the back of a bus in Costa Rica (stop 2) on our way to white water raft. This was my fav!

We took the scenic route back and got a view of our ship
The lovely city of Limon, CR and our ship

Stop 3 was Panama. We visited the canal and had lunch. Not too exciting but a nice break from the boat.
 The brave men tried frog legs at dinner one night. The report was that they taste like chicken. I will take their word for it.

Chocolate melting cake was my dessert every single night!
Then ice cream, of course.
 The chocolate chip cookies were heaven too and I learned I could order them room service by the plateful!

(would you believe me if I told you that I actually lost 1/2 a pound on the trip? It's the truth! I did!)

I'd like you to meet Russell and Collette. They are our new BFFs. We stayed up way too late playing games nearly every night! 

 Not pictured is dancing at the club a couple times (I think we lasted about 4 songs), some really cheesy shows, laying out, sitting in the hot tub, working out, and too much karaoke for my taste.

It's always fun to get away and it's always fun to come home!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas 2011: In One Long Post

 So, I thought about setting a new years resolution to blog every single day of 2012, but that's just not realistic for me...but I really want to be better!
Let me sum up our December for you. After heading up our ward Christmas party AND ward Christmas service project (which were both a complete joy to do...really!), we held up a life-long tradition and went to see "Scrooge"
Dinner before at Pizza Factory
I guess we bored the big boys
Classic girl picture (where's Cara?)
Oh! I love Todd and Lexi
This is seriously the best family picture we got
Always good times when I get to sit next to this man

The week before Christmas, between the older 3, there was some kind performance every single day...from dance to school sings...It started with Bailey's dance recital. Then my camera died and I kept forgetting to charge it (like all great mom's do) and only got pics of this cutie

Christmas Eve was a HOOT! After dinner we had a "variety show" (not enough talent in this family to call it a "talent show"). My camera was up and running, but everything was videoed, so pictures are few.
Todd and Lexi did a Bollywood dance from the Wii
Cami, Cara, and I did a silly little lip sync to "Sisters" from White Christmas

 Not pictured (but maybe we will get a video montage up here one day) was a lip sync by CarAndrew, Feliz Navidad by Tim, Shel and the chocolate babies, a game by Gma Juju, reading by the Hansen boys, and the nativity by the Jonas children. Check out the youngest Jonas...
...Gah...this girl...
 Christmas morning was truly perfect. Since Christmas was on Sunday this year, we got up and went to church! Not only did it set the tone for the day, but we all looked so cute in our Christmas morning pictures. We came home, got back in jammies and dove into presents, with peanut butter cups from our stockings for breakfast- first breakfast, that is.
Angry Birds!
Harry Potter!
This lady made my Christmas season so special!
I decided since my girls were wearing swim robes from 2 years ago, this would be a great gift
with matching slippers!
Alrighy, I am counting this as being officially caught up! Stick around, we're going on a cruise next week and you won't want to miss pictures of me in a bathing suit. Plus I want to throw in a couple other update posts.