Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boracay: Getting Here

We left our house at 4pm Thursday afternoon and headed to my mom's because of course, she was feeding us an early dinner and taking us to the airport. John really wanted to be extra early just in case we had any mishaps. Everything went as smooth as silk, which gave us an hour and a half to hang in the Salt Lake City Airport. Here we are all happy and fresh and cold! Killing time wasn't too bad, a couple of trips to the bathroom and/or drinking fountain, letting the kids play on the rail until Bailey fell and hit her head and everyone looked at me like I am a bad mom,
coloring (I got this 3D colorwonder book for Austin that kept in occupied for hours! Nothing keeps the girls occupied for hours, but I had enough variety to change things up for them),
never too early to break out the treats.
So I'm going to keep the timing of this as if we stayed in one time zone, just to simplify getting my point across about how much we traveled.
We left Salt Lake at 8pm and arrived in Los Angeles at 9:30. Just for the record, I HATE LAX. I think it's the most awful airport. Awful food, rude workers, terrible seats, etc, etc. Not to mention walking from the national terminal to the international is a marathon!
I promised the kids we could have ice cream there. All we found were freezer burned ice cream bars. Hate LAX.
After our "ice cream" we brushed teeth in the small, dirty bathroom (hate LAX) and waited to board in the over-crowed terminal (did I mention I hate LAX?) We boarded our 13 hour flight to Seoul Korea at midnight.
The kids did great. Bailey was out before we even took off and once we got in the air, I put her on the ground. Austin, Bailey and I sat in 3 seats in one row and John and Addie sat in two seats behind us. Addie is my gold medal sleeper, so no problems there either. Austin is a total crack up. Once the girls were asleep, I let myself drift off. I woke up at one point to find Austin watching a movie and eating pizza the flight attendant had brought him! I stayed up until he finished and forced him to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, a flight attendant came and woke me up and told me that the fasten seat belt sign was on, so it wasn't safe for Bailey to be on the ground. I asked what she suggested I do with her since Austin was sprawled on his and her seats. She said I had to hold her. I looked at my watch, 4am. No Way! I was already grumpy, so I told her that I wasn't going to do that, thanks for your concern, good night. She stayed and said "Ma'am why you not obey safety regulations?" I said "Because that's stupid. How is my daughter more safe in my arms, when I'm clearly going to fall back to sleep. I will probably drop her and she'll end up right back on the ground. So she's just going to stay there." It was a good point, right? And please, what is she going to do to me? We're 30,000 feet in the air over the Pacific Ocean. I was tired and not scared of her! We went back and forth for a while. I kept telling her I know what's best for my children. I'm not picking her up and risking waking her up. Leave me alone. And she just kept saying "Why you not obey safety regulations." By the time the argument was loud enough to wake up John behind me, he tapped me on the shoulder through the seats, which meant "give it up" (easy for him to say, he's not the one holding a 25 pound child for the rest of the night), so I picked her up and was left alone. 15 minutes later, another flight attendant came by and told me that the fasten seat belt sign was off, so I could put Bailey down now. I was so bugged!
I finally got off that plane at 1:30 Friday afternoon (although it was 5:30am Saturday morning in Seoul. I lost all of Friday).
The layover in the Seoul airport was a dream compared to LAX (which I hate). They had a few of these great playplaces for the kids. Plus, sleep lounges (which we didn't get to use because of the playplaces). The only bad thing was that since we were there so early, nothing was open and we were hungry. Thank goodness for the bag of mini cadbury eggs my mom gave me on the way to the airport. It seriously saved my sanity!
We got on a 4 hour flight from Seoul to Manila at 4:30 pm on your Friday (over 24 hours since we left our house- and actually 8:30am Saturday morn). Bailey slept almost this whole flight and the others were angels. We had a long layover in Manila which gave us time to get our bags (all 3 made it!), go through customs, get a taxi from the international airport to the national airport, change from pants and sweatshirts to (clean-hallelujah) shorts and tees, recheck in, get lunch, the get a few wiggles out.
(notice the newly donned beachwear!)

This fourth and final flight was a blast (not a blast like Disneyland, but a blast for a flight after 33 hours of travel). It left at 1am Friday morning your time (that Friday I never saw). It was a quick 45 minute flight on this 2 prop plane that only flew at 17,000 feet, so we got to watch islands swim by. The kids were glued to the windows and I kept eyeing the flight attendants (who were wearing khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts- a far cry from the pant suits and neckerchiefs of the Koreans), but they didn't seem to care that my kids were out of their seats and piled at the windows. I guess they're a little more laid back in the Philippines than in Korea. (this pic is lame, but gives you a better idea of the plane)
The "airport" was a glorified canopy. There was a counter area with a hand written sign in a sheet protector that said "Baggage Claim." I didn't see why we could just grab it off the plane ourselves. I watched the guys pull it out, put it on a cart, and wheel it the 50 feet to the baggage claim. This was the only problem we had. Before the flight took off, we were told that we were over the weight limit (I just could not lose those extra 5 pounds before I left!), so they had to take off some bags and put them on the next flight. I really thought all our bags would make it, but one didn't. They promised to have it delivered that night, which they did and all was well.
Off that plane we had to take a "trike" (which is a motorcycle with a side car) ride to the port. Had it not been for our luggage, we could've all fit in one...
...Serioulsy. I'll get you better pictures as this is our mode of transportation for the next 5 weeks.
At the port we took a 10 minute boat ride to our actual island and another 10 minute car ride to our condo, arriving at 3am. 35 hours of travel time. I was in a total daze and couldn't believe we actually made it! It was actually just about dinner time here, so we pulled out bathing suits and ordered dinner by the pool. After showers, we were all able to lay flat and sleep- HEAVEN!
Bailey was up at 4am and never went back to sleep.
Here's what the sunrise looked like. We saw it because of jet lag.
Right now, I'm sitting on our back patio on this...
Looking at this
Sorry about the lengthy, wordy post. I think they'll be like this for awhile. Mainly for my mom and sister. I'm so not offended if you take me off your google reader for the next month:) It's going to be a good one though!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts on leaving the country for a month

Today is the day! As soon as Austin gets home from school we will leave to have an early dinner at my mom's then she will take us to the airport. I will document each leg of our travels, as I'm sure it will be interesting to you:) We will go from Salt Lake to LA to Seoul to Manila to Caticlan to Boracay (our final destination). YIKES!

It makes it easier to leave when you wake up to this...
It makes it harder to leave when you have to take precious cleaning and packing time to introduce the girls camp theme to the young women.
This years theme? S.T.A.R.S. Wish I could take credit for it, but it was a theme for a girls camp I went to as a young women. Our stake theme is United We Stand and this STARS theme came back to me because it fits right in. It's an acronym for Stand Together As Righteous Sisters.
Here's my version of a STAR!
I had to do something fun to introduce it to them. And here's my poster I stayed up way to late being frustrated over. I always have wonderful things in my head, but they never come out quite right. Oh Well!
It makes it easier to leave knowing that our house and cat will be well cared for.

It makes it harder to leave knowing that this little baby is going to be so much bigger when I get home. (by the way, he has a middle name- Timothy- Lex Timothy Claybaugh- I think it's perfect!)

Lastly, how awesome am I? I packed for 5 people for a month like this...I didn't even skimp either! I have 5 pairs of shoes just for me:) Plus all my necessary toiletries. John even told me I could pack another suitcase, but I really didn't need it. It helps that 3 of the 5 of us are little people and the clothes we are bringing are little too (a few bikini tops just don't take up that much room!)

Hard or easy, we're off!

I'll keep you posted

Monday, February 22, 2010

Maintenance Required

The last 6 weeks have been all about maintenance. I started with my house. I have organized and cleaned out every closet, drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny. Everything is in place. I took a carload to the thrift store over the weekend. MMMMMMMMM. It feels so good! I am the opposite of a pack rat. I looooove to trash stuff (you and me both Cyndi!)
I gave myself until the Friday before last to be done with my house. I finished 2 days early, which left me some time to get Easter and Spring decor up (Thanks Shelbie! She did it all and it's gorgeous- way better than I could've done).

Last week was all about KIM maintenance. Hair is cut and colored. Eyebrows waxed. Laser hair removal touch up. Pedicure. Teeth bleached.

Tonight my dad and brother came over to help give blessings to each of us.

In the next 2 days all rugs, towels and sheets will be washed, shorts and bathing suits will be packed, bathrooms will be scrubbed to sparkling, floors cleaned by me on my hands and knees, and each hose attachment on my vacuum will be used.

What else can I do? This time next week I will be on the beach...saying lots of silent prayers for my mom! I'm missing some stuff going on with her and my sister's 4th baby this month.

Now I have tears in my eyes.

I just have to remember that this time next week I will be on the beach.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday on the Roof

When John and I decided to do this trip to the Philippines, I told him I would go for one month. He tried to stretch it longer, but I held my ground and said I was only willing to go for March. He, of course, pushed it and scheduled us to leave Feb. 25 and return April 1 (What? It's totally the month of March.) Well, joke's on him because his birthday is Feb. 24, the day before we leave! I told him I was not going to do anything special for his birthday this year. There just wasn't any time! He didn't care.
Well, I'm a sucker and still planned a special date for last night. I didn't even realize it was a theme date until I was writing this post.
First, we went to see "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Hale Center Theater in Salt Lake. Neither of us have ever even seen the movie, so we were excited to see it as Fiddler virgins. We were so impressed! It was fantastic. I knew most of the music, but even the music that was new to me, I LOVED! I have got to get the soundtrack. If you live in this area, you have got to go. It is so sweet. The only problem was that the night before I started to get sniffley. I woke up Saturday morn not feeling 100%, but went to the gym with my sister anyway and did a tough work out. By the time I got home, I was in really bad shape. I took a shower and got back into bed. I got up with just enough time to get myself cute for the date. So with a major pressure headache behind my eyes and my nose faucet turn ON, we went to a tear jerker play. Had it been bad, I would've fallen asleep. But it was great and I highly recommend it.
No pictures because we had to book it out of there to get to our dinner reservations at The Roof (on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building- over looking the Salt Lake temple)

They had the most amazing dessert bar! I LOOOOOVE me a good dessert (or 4). The chocolate mousse was to die for. It was like eating straight frosting. MMMMMMMMM
I fell asleep on the way home. Then we laid on the couch and watched a little Olympics, where I fell asleep again. I think at some point I walked myself to bed. What a party pooper! It was still a great night with my wonderful husband! Happy 32!

P.S. I feel much better today! Not all the way back, but functional, at least.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

YW Sleepover

I officially initiated myself back into the Young Women's program. I was at a camp meeting with the president on Thursday night. She was making desperate phone calls because a cabin they had for a leadership sleepover for Friday had fallen through. Now they had 16 young women and leaders with no where to have a slumber party.

What on earth should I do?

I offered my house!

John (so amazing) took the kids and slept at my parents so that estrogen could take over.

We had a great dinner then played some silly games. Janessa had to act like a walrus.
Joanna (the pres) did a great cow
Cute Julie had to do "This Little Piggy" to some of the girls.Channing did a little hula hoop
Then, the girls got a hold of my camera... Jokes on you Girls!

After some amazing leadership training, we really pumped up the GIRL volume: Pulled out a million treats, braided each other's hair,
Painted each other's toe nails
and watched "Beautician and the Beast."
I only made it to midnight! I know, serious party pooper, but I was exhausted, so I checked out. Not sure what time to girls finally went to sleep. Probably 2:00 or so, which isn't too bad.
In the morning we had yummy breakfast and played a little Wii.
By 10:30, they were all gone!

We have another planned for this August!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joining the Family

We are so thrilled to welcome baby Lex (no middle name yet) Claybaugh. Born to Timothy (my brother) and his beautiful wife Shelbie. Born (2 days late) February 13. 8lb 12oz. at 2:34pm.
Perfect as can be.
We got to play with big brother Hudson while his mom labored all day. He was coughing, so he had to wear a mask to see baby brother.
Chubby Cheeks!
Shel seriously looked so great. I didn't even get mascara on today and she did! So amazing (and so with it on 2 percocet)
(Tomorrow I'll tell you why I looked like death in these pictures)
Cute Cami (behind me) is next up. 5 weeks she's having #4! (Doesn't she look awesome? You can't even tell in her face that she is preg. You should see this lady work out. Woah Mama)

Welcome to the family sweet baby! We love you already!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cleaning My Washer

Isn't fun to clean things that clean things?
Well, I've been noticing that my washing machine needed a little attention. Since I'm cleaning and organizing top to bottom, this seemed to fit the agenda.
So I did a little online research, which wasn't helpful. That's why I'm posting this for you. Most things I read said to run the machine empty with either a cup of bleach (for stains) or vinegar (for smell). Obviously neither of those were my problems. I had some fabric softener build up.
I figured out that you can removed the the softener dispenser. I ran hot water through it and shook a lot to clean it out. It was so nasty! I even got a toothpick out of there. Seriously! I have no idea how it got there.
Then I just used good old fashion elbow grease and scrapped off the build up. I also read that if you put a cup of water in the softener dispenser after you've put the softener in, it helps eliminate build up. Or you could use the time release balls.
Good as new!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Release and 2 New Callings

This weekend I was released from my calling in the primary presidency and called to be...

Nursery Coordinator
Girls Camp Director!

I'm super excited for both and am always up for a change.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Have a Rocking Horse Like This

The girls have been fighting about it all week...Adeline wants it's name to be "Disneyland Lip gloss"
Bailey wants to name him "Steady"
What do you think?