Saturday, September 26, 2009

More London

Today we hit up the British Museum.
This picture is for Austin. It's Rames. We like Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat and Nacho Libre...nuff said.I had to get this picture of an Egyptian mother and baby statue. My mom has always collected mother and baby things, so this is for her. I have started my own collection too. It's all dear to my heart because it shows me how much my mom loves being a mom. I love being a mom and I love to see things like this that make me think that there are women from everywhere in the world and from every era of time that have loved being moms too.
John met up with some guys that he has worked with for dinner. I was more interested in the fact that we were just blocks from Harrods. So I packed up and headed out of the most boring dinner of the year. I had such a blast shopping on the London streets on my own.
I met back with John a little later to see Les Miserables. It was great!! John loves it, so it was more like enjoying Disneyland because your kids enjoy it so much. I was there for him.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

London: Day 2

The Tower Bridge (not to be confused with the London Bridge, which isn't falling down, by the way)

London Tower. We spent 3 hours in here. It was so great. We kept saying "Austin would love this!" We're such nerdy parents.

John LOVED the Henry VIII exhibit with all him armor and sporting goods. I was less interested in that part. Once I had my fill, I parked it on a bench and read through pamphlets. Didn't I just say that I'm nerdy?
But seriously, Austin would have loved this....
A London classic (I know what you're thinking "That twilight jacket is so perfect for a cloudy day in London," I know, right? Thanks. I'm loving it).
Then, of course, WICKED! It was so darling and fun. Costumes were beautiful and the story was perfect. Admittedly, I liked Phantom better, but still loved it.

I get such a kick out of the excess we insist on in the US. I saw these little ice cream cartons and had to get a picture. They are the same price as the ones at home, but ours are 4 times bigger and we consider them one serving.
Isn't it cute?

After the show we found a nice little restaurant with a seat by the window. We shared chocolate cake and watched the drunks stagger by...AHHH...Romance!

It's a foggy day in London Town

That was my first thought as we descended through clouds and London came to view. We flew all night and thanks to trusty ole Unisom, I slept pretty well.
Although it was 6am to me, London was in a midday bussel. It was actually really nice because I knew bedtime (in a real bed) would come soon.
But, much to do before that...

Big Ben

Westminster Abby
And the grand finale of my first day in London- Phantom of the Opera!!!!!

It was beyond amazing. It was so so so unbelievable. I'm so used to community theatre that this just completely blew me away. All of it was just perfection.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diet Day 23

If you can really call it that anymore.

I've lightened up a lot. I mean I HAD to have birthday cake at my grandma's 80th birthday, right? And the left overs the next day,


All in all, I did pretty well... 9 lbs in 3 weeks.

And now...

My house is clean

My kids are off to grandma's house

My bags are packed

London, here I come!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Day on the Soccer Field:Girl Style

Adeline started soccer this year. It's been a fun new experience from our natural athlete Austin...
Ready for the game

Gettin' in position

Get the ball, Girl!

Uh-Oh. An accident? No, just a little girl talk going on

Well rested and back to it

OH! NO! A real collision!

Where's daddy to check for blood?

And give a comforting hug
What a toughy
Team cheer- Go Tigers!!

What a fun game!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diet Day 12

I'm dreaming...only dreaming!I did cheat a bit over labor day weekend, but nothing too bad.
I welcomed back fruits. It was a very happy reunion.
I had two bites of bread yesterday. It was the first carbs I've had in 12 days.
I made salsa from my garden last night and dipped celery in it- that was my dinner. Then I ran 3 miles.
I'm going to lighten up a BIT this weekend and allow myself a treat or two.
Weight loss to date: 7 pounds
Goals for next week: Exercise twice a day. Continue to stay away from carbs and sugar. Lose 3 more pounds.


Who watched Glee last night? Two thumbs down from this gal. I set it to record thinking it was going to be a fun and clean made for TV "High School Musical" of sorts. After my beloved SYTYCD Season 6 premier, I switched my ironing entertainment to the new "critically acclaimed" show. I am so glad my children weren't awake. From loads of high school sex to a married man's crush on another women, to said man's wife faking a pregnancy, I had to pick my jaw off the floor and rest my eyes from rolling (MOTH-ER). It might have been bearable if the talent even tried to appear real, but everyone was obviously lip syncing. A small audition with a piano turned into full on band accompaniment and back up singers. Even worse was when the teacher was supposedly singing Kanye West- PUCK-O-RAMA! It was all so fake, dirty, lame and disappointing. My DVR series recording has been turned off and I won't watch this again. Don't waste your time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Very Own Twilight Jacket

Confession time: I have read all 4 Twilight books. I like them. I don't love them. I was totally disappointed with Stephanie Meyer and the direction she took the books. After reading the first book, I had hoped it would be something that could guide young Mormon girls through teen relationships. Instead she okayed young women to sneak boys into their rooms at night, crumble into a corpse of a person when your boyfriend breaks up with you, tempt and beg him for sex (and expect him to say no), and then sacrifice your life and change all you are to be with him. All while you're still a teenager.
And for the record, I'm not obsessed with Edward. I actually think he's a little creepy!
How many friends have I just lost?
With that off my chest, I still love the jacket that Bella wore in the movie. I entered a contest to win one at I'm actually a very lucky person and win lots of drawings, so I had high hopes. I was so sad when I didn't win, so I just had to buy my own...
It came like this...
Merry Christmas to me!!
All the zippers and buttons were nicely protected.
Even cuter in person
Notice the nice tailored waist line.
Super model

(I did something funky to my camera and the pic turned out like this. If you know what's wrong please let me know)

FYI It also comes in green

and white

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Diet Day 4.75

You know when you are pregnant and you go to the doctor and he says to you "So you're about 26 weeks along now." And you say back "26 weeks and 4 days- Thank you very much"
I'm there with the diet, don't you dare take time away from me...I'm making it count!So it's going well. I got two pieces of good advice. My mom said after day 2 it gets better, which it has. I have thought less about food in general, not moped much about what I'm missing, and am not feeling deprived. Although, I am a little hungry, but that's ok.
My friend Harmony told me that fruit is good in the morning. I so love my fruits.
My cheats: An apple for breakfast, a drink of orange juice last night (just one yummy swig)
2 pieces of popcorn. I was feeling a little guilty, but now that it's in black and white, it doesn't look so bad.
Things that are getting me through: celery- either with organic peanut butter or spray ranch, almonds, string cheese, sugar free Werther's toffees, and a special treat milk with sugar free chocolate syrup!
The scale told me this morning that I have lost 3.5 pounds since starting this on Monday. That's easy come, easy go weight. Next week is the real test, when my extra summer fluff is gone and I'm trying to get rid of the nitty gritty.
It's going to be a rough weekend- Swiss Days with the girls tomorrow, pool party at my aunt and uncle's Saturday that I am making cupcakes for (I might HAVE to have one-maybe just a half?), Sunday dinner at my mom's house (AKA Satan's lair, remember?), then a Labor Day BBQ here.
I can do it
I can do it
I can do it
I can do it
Oh yea, my motivation? Going on a kidless trip to London with my husband in 2 1/2 weeks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last Week

As you know, I spent last week in Charlotte, NC with this sweet lady.
I had a such a blast getting to visit with Michelle, play with her cute kids and taking care of her house.
I got in late Friday night. I picked up the car that John had left at the airport that morning when he caught a flight to California (to speak at a seminar) and headed straight to my mom's house for the night, since that's where my kids were.
It was so so great to see them! We headed off to soccer games (pics on that later) and home to play and rest a bit. Austin made a water fountain (the squirt gun was part of the feature).
That night we met my parents for dinner then went to a 3D movie at the Dinosaur Museum.
Holy Cow, the kids were so funny. Austin was just completely enthralled. Addie would take her glasses off if anything ever got too close. Bailey bored easily and ended up walking the nearly empty theatre. At one point she was all the way at the other end and started yelling to me "MOM! MOM! I'M COMING!" I had to run and grab her and tell her she needed to whisper (a skill she has yet to master). She said to me "If I whisper you can't hear me." I couldn't argue with that and got a good laugh. When it was over, Austin told me he touched the elephant and "it felt like nothing."
John came home Sunday night and we FINALLY get to spend a couple weeks together as a family.
Monday Bailey disappeared and was found picking and eating from my strawberry plants.
I bought these "ornamental" strawberry plants (Fragaria) that I actually hate now, but they produce these tiny strawberries that the kids love to pick and eat.
The bloom is cute, but pretty insignificant. I'm going to replant them in the rockwall around the playset so they can spread in their invasive way and the kids can pick and eat as they please.
This is my effort to be a better blogger...and that was my week.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

South Beach Diet Day 1.5

(This is for you Dana- Be proud!)
Not long after having Adeline, I tried my hand at the "South Beach Diet."
I'm sure most know what it is, but if you don't it's essentially a two week "cleanse" of sorts where you avoid sugar in any form (including fructose) and all carbs.
After the two weeks, you slowly add back your fruits and "healthy" carbs (whole grains, etc.)

Four years ago, I lasted one day. I cried when I went to bed and had a piece of toast for breakfast the next morning...

Today I am a new woman in desperation mode. I just cannot shake these last 15 pounds. And after a summer of care free vacations and festive parties, my pants are fitting a bit snug. I have to take care of that while we have seasonal produce and not seasonal comfort food.
You might get the idea that this subject consumes me and guess what? You're right. Every bit I take, every zip of the pants, every mirror I pass, every shower, every work out, every stupid skinny mom at the PTA meetings, all make me think of my imperfections. Maybe I need therapy or plastic surgery. But today's answer is South Beach.
I will do this for a week and add my fruits back next week. I just can't go that long without fruit. Then I will start to bring back my healthy carbs (do cupcakes fall into that category? HMMM...I wonder why I am the way I am!)
I know, I know, I'm no cow. I know I wouldn't qualify to be on the Biggest Loser, although every time they have auditions in Salt Lake I want to go. I don't have THAT battle, but I have my battle and it's personal.
So a day and a half into this, I am dreaming of a peach and a piece of toast, but still doing ok. I did have a bite of granola at my mom's house today, but you have to know that my mom's house is Satan's lair for a dieter (although heaven for a 4 year old). I had to get out of there before the cookie dough had flour in it. All in all, I'm doing well and will keep you updated.