Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's only Wednesday? And it's still January? Part 3

My title is moot now, sorry.
First: A Disclaimer. As I compared you to the months of the year, it had nothing to do with the order of my favorites. As a matter of fact, the man I have chosen to spend all my life with is a January. Also, some correspond to your birthday and some do not. This is purely my personality comparison. As I started the task of getting this out of my head, I started with myself, moved to John, my kids, my parents, and so on. When I finished I realized I had 12 and each a different month. If you know me, you know I love all seasons. I am always sad to see one go and thrilled to see one begin. I found it interesting that I have surrounded myself with people who bring me happiness from all ends of the spectrum. I do have a few others who I love and am close to in my head, but that will come out another day. If you want one for yourself and think I know you well enough, just ask. Or if you can place yourself, I'd love to here about it!
These are my thoughts...

John is January. He is simple and doesn't need all the fluff. As January provides a white sheet of snow and bare trees, John only needs a white sheet and a! January is cold, but if you take the time, you learn to love it and discover that there are so many wonderful things that it has to offer. John may come off cold at first, but once you get to know him, you realize he is a warm mush ball with more to offer than you thought possible and you don't need all the bells and whistles to be in love.

Adeline, my first little girl. Born in March, but I had to move her to February, the month of Valentines. You never know what to expect in February or with Adeline. Sometimes they are wonder filled as you discover love and happiness. Sometimes they are frustrating as you have love to give and can't find anyone lovable. One things for sure, February and Addie come in full force and will not let the big holidays over shadow them. Both can melt the snow with their touch. However, the snow doesn't need to be melted to have fun and be silly. By the time February rolls around, you are dressing for comfort. Adeline only dresses for comfort by staying in her jammies most days. February and Adeline make you excited for the future, happy for the past and content in the present.

Charis Thatcher, my friend that I always feel connected to no matter how apart we are. Charis is my March. March works hard, but gets little credit for the blooms of April and May. I've never met a harder worker than Charis. She is amazing to me. Just the thought of March and Charis warms me up and excites me for what's to come. Charis's long brown hair reminds me of the newly exposed soil of March. What is under there? It's wonderful and if you wait to see, you will sit in awe. March and Charis are teasers. They are not what they seem. Charis is almost too beautiful to be so intelligent, March is almost too cold to get warm, but somehow, it's all so! I long for March (especially now) and for Charis.

Kimberly is April, of course. Born April 16th, I love the wide variations of weather and can sometimes be hot and cold myself. Sunshine makes you want to have fun and be happy. I hope I do that for you too! My yellow personality forces me to choose fun first and that's all you want to do in April when the sun is finally shining and you are restless from the winter

Bailey, my baby. Born April 27th, but due in May, which I think is correct. Bailey and May are unarguably gorgeous, yet a little finicky. You can't plant until the end of May because you never know about the weather. Sometimes it seems just when you say "This is such a warm May," it turns cold on you. This is Bailey, just when you think you did everything right to bring happiness, she turns on you and can be cold. Even with the cold days, you are so stunned by the warmth and beauty and new found fun that May and Bailey have to offer that the frost is quickly forgotten and you are left with a smile.

Judy, Grandma JuJu and Mom is June. You're infected quickly and easily with happiness as the warmth of my mom and June greet you. Although, it's not too warm that it's uncomfortable, it's just right and you can sit contentedly in their presence. There is beauty all around. No matter how many years go by June and Judy, continue to be beautiful. I think it's all the light!

Cami, my sister, is July which works out nice since she was born July 19th. Everyone loves July and Cami. What's not to love? They are fun, beautiful and bright. They energize you and make you want to be better. There is order and precision in the way things grow in July and in the way Cami runs her family and life. So with all this perfection, why would July get down and rain? Why would Cami get down on herself? I don't have answers to these questions. However, as the July rain cleanses, cools and offers relief, Cami has offered to me and countless others in countless ways, countless times. She cleanses (although I'm not talking about her home and family, it applies here too) and offers relief. I would be sad without Cami and July.

Jonn, Papa, and Dad is August. Being born August 12th suites him perfectly. Nothing comes warmer than August and my dad. He is a beach bum at heart and the heat pushes him to the water where he is happiest. But school is starting soon and being studious has to come before playing! As we go back to school in the heat of August, Papa neatly stores his flippers and gets back to work. Although the sunshine is strong, there are priorities and duties that must be taken care of. Did I mention the warmth? It's always there, weather working hard or playing hard. One's things for sure, it's all been well planned!

Nicole Goggins, we are the women behind the men (our husbands are business partners). I have matched Nicole to September. Not only because she looks like she should live in the fall all her life, but because she is strong and ready for the winter ahead. She doesn't take the easy path, like September leading us to winter. It's not easy, but it's right! September is still close enough to summer that the yummy eats are still around, plus the fall yums are coming quick. Nicole gives you the best of both worlds (not only because she's a great cook), she has the sweetness of summer and the spark of fall. September and Nicole are my fiery red-headed friends.

Michelle Jolley, my best friend since college. Michelle was born October 17th and I found October to be her month. Michelle is party planner extraordinaire. Since October is the start of all the holiday parties, Michelle is an October must have! And Oh! The colors. There is never a dull moment in October or with Michelle. Michelle is the perfect balance of the immaturity of summer and maturity of winter. She can play all day and work all night or vice versa. I don't know how she has so much fun and gets so much done. This is October to me...still all the fun of nice weather, but working to prepare for the holidays and the winter ahead. Sometimes my breath is taken by the changing trees and by Michelle. They are both beautiful and both provide yummy food!

Austin, my first born and only son. Born November 12th was just the right start for Austin's life. November is the month of one of the most easy going, yet enjoyable holidays. November and Austin have never been hard. They are pure joy. Both have made me fat! November and Austin want to be warm in a cooling world. Like Austin's eyes, you can get lost in November's leaves. They are both exciting and relaxing at the same time. With Austin and November, you are so sad for what is gone and never coming back, but you are so thrilled for what lays ahead.

Dana Deluca, my friend from before we had kids, is my December. Dana and I are diet buddies who love junk food, so she naturally fit with the month of never ending sugar and treats. December and Dana are joy and peace in a cold snowy world. No matter how awful the weather in December gets and how awful the weather in Dana's life gets (and it's been bad), they both offer strength and hope. How do they do it? It's the spirit within. Dana has well endured many trials that would have sent me crying to my mom. Yet, she is ever happy and spreads that to all. December and Dana can weather any storm with a smile.
Thanks for letting me plug into my creative outlet today and for endulging me in it. Sometimes I have to get things out of mind so I can rest. I will sleep well tonight!

A Tag for 2009

As I was just in the shower (before 1pm thank you very much), I thought listing the months by your favorite to least would be a cute tag. I want to hear everyone else's opinion, as I'm sure it differs from mine. So, tag, you're it...
Cami Hansen, Michelle Jolley, Dana Deluca, Nicole Goggins, Loni Hayward, Jen Marx, Cindy Fisher, Cyndi Ordyna, Amber Kelly, Summer Thacker, Leslie Moody, Ali Anderson, Janice Williams, Shelbie Claybaugh, Harmony Seiter, Andrea Jones, Bonnie Andrews, Janet Rife, Kelly Sells, Shannon Standifer, Tallie Menzie, and Monica Buckles
I want to hear from each of you and pass it along, if you'd like.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's only Wednesday? And it's still January? Part 2

Well, now it's Thursday, but it's still January. ARGHH!!! As I laid in bed the other night, amazed that it is still January, I came to the conclusion that January is my least favorite month. Since January is now the bottom of the list, what's at the top? So here is my list of months favorite to least...drum roll please...
(and you thought you were going to get some kind of deep, life altering thought from me. Do you even know me?)

1. April My birth month and diamond is the birth stone. Enough said. No? Ok, what's better than the month where you get to have a day just for you? Not to mention, IT'S SPRING!! We did it! We made it out of another winter and here we are with life in bloom all around us. The birds and leaves are back and beautiful. The days are longer. We celebrate LIFE with Easter and kick it all off with general conference. To me, April is the best.
2. June Summer is in full swing and life couldn't be better. Days are longer, nights are warmer, and everything is beautiful. Planting is the task at hand and oh! it's wonderful. All the fruits are in season which makes eating healthy and exercising sweet and enjoyable. Spring cleaning is done with and now the house actually stays clean for longer than 15 minutes because no one wants to be in it! We are thrilled to welcome summer.
3. November To me, November is the start of Christmas. I don't think that celebrating Christmas as early as November is over shadowing Thanksgiving. I think it's enhancing it. Isn't the birth of our Savior the number one thing we have to be thankful for? So in November, I feel all the magic of Christmas, plus the extra gratitude boost from Thanksgiving, plus we celebrate a holiday that's basically about food, plus it's still like 50-60 degrees outside, so just throw on a long sleeved shirt and go about your normal outdoor leisures. November was a close second. Only down fall is it's the beginning of winter!
4. May Hurray! We get to plant. Fear of frost is gone by Mother's day so gardens go in and flowers come up. I almost get over stimulated by all the colors after the stark winter. Finally, the sweaters are officially put away, fruits are in season, and cabin fever has driven you to exercise and play with mother nature.
5. December Obviously- Christmas! Snow is beautiful and fun. Shopping is exciting. Decorating is invigorating.Baking is delicious. People are happier and more generous. December is pure magic thanks to the birth of Jesus Christ.
6. July Firecrackers, bar-b-ques, late warm nights playing outside, long sunny days in the water, fresh fruit galore, family vacation, do I need to go on? The work of sowing is over and you can just relax in a porch swing with a lemonade and watch your kids run through the sprinklers. Life is good
7. October The start of the holidays. These are the three big holidays I decorate for and Halloween is the kick off! Not to mention squash, lovely squash that I love nearly as much as I love my first born...every kind of it! Summer may be over, but we can still enjoy the freshness of it. Plus, by the time it cools down in October, I am so sick of showing so much skin and slathering extra lotion of my dry exposed areas, that I am ready to cover up and hibernate!
8. August Summer is coming to an end, but the warm weather doesn't let up. There's usually one last hurrah of a vacation to squeeze in. You can almost never get sick of enjoying the thrill of summer.
9. February We made it through January and now get to melt that snow within with red hots and conversation heart! I know Valentines is a commercial holiday, but I'm ok with an opportunity to celebrate my love. I also get to celebrate the birth of my eternal mate this month.
10. September A little sad to see summer ending, but by mid-September we are back into the routine of school, which seems to feel good. New colors come out in full force to add interest and to testify of a Divine Creator. Weather is still warm, but cools slightly and provides relief.
11. March I don't hate March, but there's just not much going on. March is a tease. She will give you a couple warm days, so you take the top off your jeep and pull out your flip flops, but it always snows again. So you have to take a deep breath and get through the month until April!
12. January I really don't hate January either. I can appreciate the simplicity of it. In January you take down Christmas decorations, put away wrapping paper, throw excess candy in the trash (can't again anymore weight!), and let go of the warmth in your heart that has made the snow fun, pretty, and exciting. Fortunately, I still enjoy shoveling just because it's a way to get outside and exercise a bit. By mid-month, most Christmas gifts are broken or forgotten along with good will towards men. So wrap a blanket tight around you, get the fire going, pull out the hot chocolate, run a hot bath, and honker down because it's winter and it's no longer magical!

There you have it. Funny thing, I couldn't sleep last night either, so as I wallow in my dreams of other months, I did something else. I have connected some of my closest friends and family to months according to the personality of the month and the person.

Wait for's coming in Part 3!

It's only Wednesday? And it's still January? Part 1

This whole month has gone be SO slow for me. As the final week of the month creeps on, here is what I have been brought to...
As of 5 days ago, I am on a strict 1200 calorie a day diet (need to loose 15 pounds before summer). And my workouts have nearly doubled. With that in mind, here was my day yesterday...
Wake up 8 am. All the kids still in bed. Scriptures and prayer in silence. Phone call as I say Amen and gab as I cut up half an apple and have a glass of water before my workout. By now, kids are up and hungry. Put off workout to feed my children (OH! the sacrifice of a mother). After breakfast and a couple books read (so I don't feel guilty for what is coming) I park the kiddos in front of the tv and spend the next 55 minutes (WOO-HOO) on the treadmill. Between reading "In the Eye of the Storm" and running to Shania Twain (so 1994), it goes by fast. Off, shower, start cleaning and laundry. Austin off to school, Bailey down for a nap, house is clean! Adeline and I off for some errands, and her dance class (the highlight of my day). Home, Bailey's up, Austin's home from school, change laundry. Make dinner one handed with Bailey on my hip, Addie on the counter to "help" and Austin sitting at the table reading to me (HEAVEN!). John is helping with the pinewood derby, I am going to a breadmaking class, so dinner gets half cleaned up, John is dropped off at the church, my kids are dropped off at my saintly sisters house, the car back to John at the church and my ride picks me up there. Fun bread class, learn a lot, can't wait to try it out. They make lots of yummy looking things! I put a mint in my mouth and turn away. Home at 10pm. Kiss my kids in their beds. Finish cleaning up dinner with my recorded "Biggest Loser" on, then fold the 5 loads of laundry that was sitting on the family room floor. It's now midnight. I FINALLY crawl into bed and just lay there. Why am I not out the second my head hits the pillow?
This late night thinking brought me to this conculsion...

...Look at this now. It's taken me three different sittings through out the day to finish this post. I started at 9am, got back at it at 4:30 and now it's almost 11 and I will finish my very interesting, late night thoughts tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Laser Hair Removal

I just got back from my 5th session of laser hair removal. My good friend Mykin has a business and gave me a great deal, so I decided to just do my whole body!
I always forget to get a picture of us doing it. Maybe if I have to go in for a 6th session I'll remember, but I'm always preoccupied with the pain that I'm in for! For some reason, I went to my first session thinking that this was a pain free way to remove your hair permanently! After the first few zaps and a scream at Mykin "What the heck are you doing to me." I realized that I was really in for it! Mykin and I were trying to come up with ways to describe the pain tonight...a hot, serrated knife being dragged over your skin was the best we came up with. But we also compared it to child birth...lots and lots of pain, but TOTALLY worth it! So as I sit here with most of my body on fire, I have to think of this shave free summer and many to come! Thanks Mykin!

Just Pictures (and Captions)

John reading to the girls (Bailey's favorite "What if a Dinosaur catches the flu?")

SOOOO Silly!
Baby Kate and Baby Bailey in the bath together. Work on your tan Bailey! (and hair) BTW Bailey's a month older!
John caught Bailey cuddling with Tasha
Snow AngelBailey's first sledding

My kind of beauty queen

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zlata'a Diary Review

I started a little book review section on the sidebar of my blog. I don't usually read the latest and greatest (notice what I'm reading now), but want to review them anyway. I'm posting old news only because I have no other way to save my review as I finish one book and read another. Sorry!
I just finished reading "Zlata's Diary." She's called the Anne Frank of the Sarajevo war in the 90's. If you're looking for hope and love during war, THIS IS NOT IT! I found it depressing and sad. This family had an opportunity to come outside themselves, help others, and find God. They did none of this. To me, Zlata's parents were weak and shallow. Her mother seemed to cry all the time and even spent a whole day hiding in a different room because of a mouse. Please! Let's show some strength, hope and happiness to our children during hard times. Zlata was shown none of this and wasn't able to find it herself. She even talked several times of suicide. I realize it was a horrible time and my heart aches for all who lived it, but I was hoping to read about "enduring" not just being. I guess my standards are higher since reading "The Hiding Place" (A MUST READ!!!).
This is a short, quick read. Once I was fed up with listening to her whine, it was over. That was the best thing about the book.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's in a Name?

Since I have been a lame-o blogger lately, I decided I'd throw out a couple posts of thoughts of mine. Possibly less interesting than anything else, but thoughts of mine nonetheless....
If you look at my blog much (which I highly doubt anyone, but my mom, does), you will see that I added a little book review section on the side.
I just finished reading "The Secret Life of Bees." In part, it's about a group of women who, essentially form their own religion and they worship the Virgin Mary...

Although, I do not worship her, I have great respect and reverence for her and her life. These women in the book don't know any better and have found a divine being from which to draw strength as well as someone to answer to. So I thought, even though they aren't worshiping the correct being, don't you think HE is the one that hears them, answers their prayers, and gives them strength to deal with life? Hopefully my dad (who is a Gospel scholar) isn't rolling his eyes at this theroy, but really, if you are praying to divinity with all the purity of heart, I believe it is still heard and answered. So all these Gods from all these religions are just the one God that created us and has His eye single to our glory. He understands those who don't know the truth and still hears and answers their prayers that are misaimed to Mary or Zues or Alla, right?
Juliet asks "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other word would smell as sweet." God is sweet and will answer the prayers of His children, no matter what they call Him.
Make sense? Any thoughts?

A Change of Heart

As we drove home from my mom's house tonight, I noticed a lot of homes still had their Christmas lights on. I looked at them in disgust and rolled my eyes. Then I thought "How funny that from Nov.1 through Jan.2, I love the homes with their festive lights. They bring me joy and the spirit of the season...."
Now I just look at those homes and think "LAZY." Which is horribly judgemental because if we weren't so lazy, we would have had Christmas lights and if we did have them, we absolutely would not have gotten on the roof in this weather to take them down. Regardless, it's sad that the simple date is what changes my attitude towards something. What do you think of Christmas lights into January?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008...a little late!

This Christmas was so great. Christmas Eve we played games at my mom's. Then we left my mom with a mess and everyone came to our house to ice skate. John's brother, Steve, his wife, Emily and their cute baby Tyler, were all here. My brothers Todd and Jonny and sister Cara all slept over and my parents came up for Christmas morn...
John got new shoes

A Christmas morning picture of each of the kiddos...

Unfortunately, I only have pictures of the morning. Santa delivered and all were happy with their spoils! After breakfast and a little rest, we headed to a nursing home in Provo where my cousin's husband lives. My mom got a gift for him and we brought some general things to help out the home and nursing staff. It was so sad to see the lonely, sick people. It warmed me to be surrounded by so many people that I love. I am so thankful to not be alone in this world.
Afterwards, we headed to my Aunt Joann's and Uncle Jay's (my mom's brother) home in Provo for dinner. It was so fun to visit with them. Joann and I were very close while my parents were in Costa Rica. I love their family so much and always love to spend time in their home. I also love to catch up with my cousin Amber who lives here in the winter.
We really missed my cousin Cyndi (in Mississippi), my sister Cami (with her in-laws in Colorado) and my brother Tim (with his in-laws in Kanab). Besides missing our family we love so much, everything else was just perfect!

This Christmas was so great. Christmas Eve we played games at my mom's. Then we left my mom with a mess and everyone came to our house to ice skate. John's brother, Steve, his wife, Emily and their cute baby Tyler, were all here. My brothers Todd and Jonny and sister Cara all slept over and my parents came up for Christmas morn...

Friday, January 2, 2009

To Each of My Children

I am at a place in life where I want to press the pause button and stay for a while. My children are each at ages that are so much fun in their own ways. Excuse me as I gush over them. Enjoy the pictures taken by my brother Todd in October (BTW...Bailey was sick that day, so we didn't get ANY good ones of her.)
Dear Austin,

You are 6 now. You are handsome and smart. Your bright blue eyes tell me that you crave goodness and light. You are helpful to me around the house, your dad in the yard and garage and your sisters during play time. You wear your heart on your sleeve, so your moods are easy to read. Phrases I hear from you daily are "Can I play with a friend?" "Can I help you with that?" and "This is so sweet." You are a natural athlete and right now are deep into ice hockey. Your prayers are kind, sincere and thoughtful. In a recent prayer you said "Please help us to remember that Christmas is not about presents, but about Jesus." Your life will always be good because you already have a testimony of Jesus Christ. It may not be easy, but it will always be good. You are my first child and so my first love. You hold a very special place in heart for all eternity!

My Sweet Adeline,
You are pushing 4! You and I have become best friends. Surprisingly, you are a homebody. You didn't like preschool so I pulled you out and now we have each afternoon alone together. Since you are my middle child right now, alone time with any of you is a novelty, so to have these special times with you each day is a pure joy. You are the greatest shopping partner. All I have to do is buy you a treat and you are happy. And in the dressing room, to everything I try on you say "That looks cute." If we don't shop we will watch a princess movie (and both fall asleep), make cookies, color, dress up dolls, or you will even help me clean the bathroom. You have loved having kittens in the house and are so kind and gentle with them. They loved to sleep in your bed, lay in your lap and be carried all over by you. You are my first girl and second child. You taught me that a mother's love knows no bounds. I have some many "girly" things to teach and tell you about in each stage! We are women together forever!

My Bailey,
I'm thrilled to announce that I just can't get enough of you! You will be two this year. You are the very best hugger. Your little arms wrapped around my neck make my life perfect. You are at the age where you learn something new each day. New words are shooting out of you like crazy and your vocabulary is very large (today's new word is "cool"). Right now, a kiss from mom can make all your pain go away. Oh! How I wish it could be like that forever! Your blond curly hair is to die for. You are my only child that I really cared about gender. I yearned for another girl and although it's a little silly, your gender is a little reminder to me that we have a Father in Heaven who wants to answer our prayers. Happiness is your middle name today. You are happy to go to nursery. You are happy to go to bed. You are happy to see me in the morning. You are happy to play with you brother and sister. You have a smile for all you see and say "Hi" to each stranger we pass in the store. I'm not sure who you got your social skills from!?!?! I could just stare at you all day because I think you are perfect and I think you always will be! I will never ever stop loving you.
To each of my children,
My life is for you. Of all the other things I could be doing, I only want to be with you, to watch you learn and grow. To kiss your ouchies, to make you nuggets, to wipe your noses, to read you books and sing you songs and tuck you in bed. But best of all, I get to teach you that you have a Father AND Mother in Heaven who consider you divine and count on you to prepare this world to receive Their Son. How lucky I am to know this and so thrilled to teach you all about it. Your happiness is all my world.
Forever and Ever,
Your mom