Monday, April 25, 2011


I love to host our annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Saturday before Easter because my yard offers so many good hiding places.
Here we go! Little kids got a headstart and Miss B wasted NO time

She's a natural

The men were very creative and anxious to not only wear the kids out, but keep them occupied for as long as possible

I love this pic of Koby because he's already opening up an egg to eat the treat inside! Atta Boy!

Little Camryn (with 3 big brothers) will NOT be left out!

The hiding places were never ending

And progressively harder

Baby Gavin got in on the action too, but he was not thrilled with the drizzle


I LOVE new Easter dresses! It's my favorite thing about having little girls. Can't wait to buy 3 next year! And matching ties for the boys is fun too

How sweet. Who's jealous of me? You totally should be

The Jonas family. Check out John's scruff he's growing for hockey play-offs.

My mom hosted a beautiful Sunday dinner for us to perfect the holiday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Six (Teen?)

Nope, Just 6! My girl Adeline April turned 6 on March 27th and these days, I'd be a horrible mother if I didn't blog it. Blogging was unheard of when this beautiful girl was forced into this world 5 weeks early, so I will recap the story for those of you out of the loop... Easter Sunday 2005, Pre-eclampsia, emergency induction, lots of pitocin, no action, broken water, 45 minutes later (sans epidural) perfect baby girl arrived weighing in at 5 lb. 14 oz. Even though she was 5 weeks premature, she never went to the NICU! I took her home with me. She was the PERFECT baby doll.
1 2
6I adore this child. She is my sassy spitfire that I wouldn't trade for meatball pockets (sorry, inside joke). So glad you're part of this family my Addie Girl!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Orleans

Only a day after getting home from Florida, John and I hopped a plane to New Orleans to see BYU in the Sweet 16. Eating at LUKE on our way to the game Slurping oysters- YUM!
So sad to see BYU lose:(
The next day we had beignets at Cafe Du Mond for breakfast
This is city is a party non-stop. We saw several parades goings by at any given time of day on any old street and bands blocking traffic to perform
Then we took the trolley to the Garden District to check out the old, swanky homes and a wander a cemetery. All the crypts are above ground because of the water level in New Orleans. Super cool
Our last day I put together a walking tour of the French Quarter that including seeing the home where the Louisiana Purchase was signed, the home of the most famous New Orleans architect, a walk through the French Market, and a visit to the Voodoo Museum
That afternoon we went to the Elite 8 game, even though it wasn't BYU (we still had tickets to it) and after dinner we hurried home before dark to miss the partying that was sure to turn ugly! We must be old and boring! It was a great trip and a fun city to check off my list.