Thursday, March 29, 2012

Girls Trip 2012

 Last week, I had the opportunity to spend a few days shopping, eating and relaxing with some of the most amazing women on earth.
My sister Cami and I flew to California where we met up with Michelle and Tiffany. We started with dinner at my Grandma's then shopping.
Then more shopping
Shops at Laguna Beach
Tiff modeling a great find
Resting our feet in the sand
And more modeling
Ouchie! $4.55 for gas!
Beach at The Montage
Shopping is seriously hard work! More relaxing on the beach
HAD to have Thrifty's ice cream. We went through a gallon and a half in 3 days! YUM!
Good visiting time with my Gram. I am so grateful to have her blood in my veins. She is amazing. I  want to be just like her!
We took a morning off and went to the Newport Temple
 The temple is just down from Sprinkles, so we HAD to go get a dozen cupcakes!

 Can I just say, I came home exhausted! We never ran out of things to talk about and had to stay up until (at least) 1am to get it all in.
 I had to catch a rest here and there
Fashion Island
TK Burger on Newport Beach
 How perfect is it that The Hunger Games came out while we were together? We had to force Cami to come, but she doesn't regret it!

Waiting in line to get in
SO EXCITED! (It was awesome. I'm going to see it again this weekend with the hub)
"Does this make my butt look big?"
Snitching candy from Gram's nutcracker
AND some hot tub time to sooth our bodies from all the work and maybe sweat out some calories!
Now I'm home and happy to be a wife and mother! It's so fulfilling to spend time with the women I love. I'm uplifted and motivated to be better now! Love you Ladies (including you Gram!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy 7 to my Girl!

 My Addie Girl just turned 7. When I asked John the night before her birthday "Can you believe our baby girl is turning 7?" He responded "It feels more like she should be 17!"
She is spunky and sassy and bossy and funny and talented and smart and so very sweet. I just love this girl and am so proud of who she is becoming!
The night before we had a joint party with Addie's cousin Camryn. My sister made the cutest Minnie Mouse cupcakes! 
Camryn Ivy turning 2!
Ready to open presents from Papa and Juju
Finally! Birthday morning presents
My big girl off to school!
 The day of her birthday, we took Adeline and 2 of her friends out of school for a tea party lunch at a cute little boutique near us.

She chose Pizza Pie Cafe (all you can eat pizza!) for her birthday dinner. I loooooove this pic because it's so her! My mom took her shopping for her birthday and she picked out this awesome hat. I have named the hat Brittany (as in Spears, as in white trash with a teeny tiny bit of style)
The hat AAANNNDDDD sunglasses joined us for pizza
Just had to throw in a free-bee pic of these two cuties!
I just have to add this funny story of Adeline today. She wanted a to invite a friend over to play, but after 5 phone calls and no friend, I told her I would play a game with her or she could go play in the yard with Bailey and her friends. She gave me a big eye roll and said as she walked out the door "I guess I'll go boss the little kids around."


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Evolution of Smile

 (look at me blogging 3 times in a week! It's almost like I'm back from pregnancy and post-baby. Ask my husband and he'll tell you it's true!)

So as I went through the pictures I took for Lila's 6 months (taken at 7 months- 4th child, give me a break!), it went something like this....
Ohhhh! That is so so cute!
Wait. That one is better!
Wait. Wait. That's the best!
Oh my goodness! Does she ever stop!

YESSSS! I got a close up of all that.

Now imagine you see that same evolution every time you get her up for the day or from a nap or leave the room and come back. Knowing this, you understand why John and I go racing to her room at the faintest noise.
You always want to be the first to see her!

 It never gets old.

This is why we call her Liley Smiley.