Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At Home Photoshoot/Lila Update

 Ever since getting my SLR camera, I have deemed myself a professional photographer. John's lights from his video production junk in the unfinished basement really make me legit. Here was our set up- (complete with helpers to design the next outfit and make silly faces to bring out smiles)
 After all the work and a close look at the pictures, I am ok with the fact that my nice camera and fancy lights (and highly trained personal assistants) really don't make me a great photographer, but when you have a subject like mine, you really can't go wrong. Sorry people! You can't afford me!

Enjoy my picture montage followed by an update of this babe.

I especially like the last pictures on the chair because that chair used to live in my beloved Grandma Marilynn's house. Now it's mine and my cute baby's bum can sit on it and suddenly these generations of women that I love so deeply are connected. Happy heart!

Now for the much needed update:

My Lila Eve is almost 8 months old. WHAT? HOW? I know! These last months have just flown by. At about 4 months I noticed the bottle just wasn't satisfying. I usually try to stretch the baby food thing until 6 months, but this chubber needed more! So I started her up on solids and she will down anything from plain rice cereal to whatever we are eating for dinner (blended up). Just this week I gave her bananas for the first time. She likes her veggies more! She also loves the puffed sweet potato treats.
She started sitting up on her own and army crawling at about 6 months. SO naughty! I like my babies immobile until 8 months. Now, she's not quite 8 months and she is trying to climb the stairs! 
She sleeps 10-12 hours at night and naps 2-3 times a day. She is very predicable and only fusses if she's tired, hungry or poopy. 
Her smiles are never ending! Really! And the novelty just hasn't worn off for any of us. Austin loves to hold her and spin and bounce around and she laughs and laughs. Adeline will cuddle her on her lap and include her in her playtime (like making Lila the class pet when they are playing school or the baby in house or the monster that destroys and eats people when playing doll house).  Bailey tries to ride her like a horse when she is crawling and play peek-a-boo, which also makes her laugh and laugh. 
This is the first baby we've had with John being home full time and having lots of freedom. He thinks it's about the best thing in the world. He literally does half for Lila. He changes half the diapers, does half the feedings and rockings to sleep. It's so great for me because I still get plenty of baby time, but I also get time with my other children AND a little Kim time (aka gym time). 
My house is usually cluttered with toys and school work and I don't always get my make-up on, but this is my favorite stage of life so far. I keep wanting to pause it, but I take my special moments, tuck them away safely in my memory and think that it's only gotten better so far, so I expect the best is yet to come!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Happy Haps

 Here are the happenings in our happy lives as of late...

I helped put on our ward Valentine's dinner and dance. It was a hit!

The big 3 are doing so great in school! I'm a proud mama.

 We are still smitten by this baby

 Austin did a class project on an animal of his choice. Guess what he chose- COUGAR! (BYU's biggest fan here!)

We got away for a quick night (TOO QUICK!) to my uncle's cabin with the family. We did lots of laying around
 and a little sledding/snowshoeing/skiing
 and a little more laying around

One day I walked into the family room and was met by this- (Lila being Bailey's dress-up doll)
 She never stops smiling and we never tire of it!

To celebrate John's birthday, we skied to a yurt at Solitude for a nice, 5 course dinner. This man makes my heart pound...
Our lives continue to be full- Just how we like it!