Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let Me Finish

 As a last HURRAH of summer, we met up with all of John's family in Las Vegas for a little reunion. John's dad rented a home for everyone. It was so fun to reconnect.
We swam (Amie and I got to judge a cannonball contest) and ate pretty much all weekend. My kind of vacation!
The home was right across the street from the temple
Where we did some family pictures
Grandpa Jonas with ALL of his grandchildren!
The next week John took Austin backpacking in the Uintas
 They had such STRONG bonding time!
 They even found snow!
Finally, school started again! I LOVE having my kids home in the summer, but I also love routine and order.
Austin Michael as a 3rd grader
Adeline April as a first grader
 Riding the bus together!
 (Have I already posted these back-to-school pictures? I seriously can't remember!)

And that was our summer! This doesn't mean I'm caught up, but I'll get there...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Driving My Parents MAD!

I have been trying for years to send my parents to the nuthouse. I tried especially hard through most of the 90's. They are fighters, I tell ya!
This summer we decided to make it a team effort. I started by bringing this cutie into the world.
Don't let those chubby cheeks fool you! You may want to kiss them all day, but she is at the bottom of a long line of needy children who love to play at Grandma Juju's. And the mother of these children doesn't like to cook or clean when every possible body part is leaking something, so said Grandma runs the household for a while. But really, don't you want to kiss those cheeks all day?

Next it was this family's turn to give it a go. They put in a good effort. Just 3 weeks after kissy cheeks was born, they moved...
 Here... (Just 2 miles from me!) And you have never seen people work until you watch Jonn and Judy (AKA mom and dad or Papa and Juju or Presidente y Hermana (that last one is what they usually make us all call them))!
They somehow passed both those tests, so we had to pull out the BIG guns! This one was in the making for many months and darn near did the trick. Just 1 week after the move and 4 weeks after the baby, this couple tied the knot! (that's my little sister, Cara and her new husband Andrew. We affectionately call them Carandrew.) I know what you're thinking "How rude of Kim's sister to get married just a month after she gave birth!" I know, right? I tried to talk her into waiting until Christmas so I could have my pregnancy weight off, but she wouldn't hear of it. She's so selfish!
So let's recap. In 1 month, in our family, we had a baby, a move and a wedding! You'd really think that, at the very least, ONE of them would've given in, but NO! Not even a nervous tick! These people are STELLAR and I love them dearly.

PS Doesn't that picture of them bring tears to your eyes?

PPS After all was said and done, these 2 hopped in the car and just drove whichever direction the wind was blowing. It's so unlike them and we thought they finally cracked, but then we worried they'd come back with matching tattoos, so we've decided to lay off for a few months.

PPPS You do know that 95% of this post is sarcastic, right? Of course not the part about kissy cheeks- that was all truth!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Celebrating Summer

 I'm still playing catch up with my summer blogging. But here I am, keeping my promise and getting it done. Here's a 3-in-1 for you...

Austin got to do 2 weeks of golf camp (not pictured)

The girls did 2 weeks of Princess Camp

 Just days after the birth, in an attempt to not waste the summer indoors, we pulled out the slip-n-slide.
Austin was so cute and would hold the girls hands while they warmed up to the slide.
 Taking a break to help mom feed baby
 Even BIG Mama braved the sunshine to get some fresh air.
 Loving this tiny thing!
 2 of the 3 (Addie is on the other side of the camera)
 A week or so later, I had major cabin fever and just had to get out. John took us all on a hike up American Fork Canyon. Can you believe this beauty is just 15 min from my home!
 L.O.V.E. this picture of my Addie girl!
Excuse the scary, postpartum Kim-chubby cheeks, greasy hair and bagged eyes! I don't even care because all that means I have a sweet baby for my arms. Can't tell you enough how fond I am of this baby.

That's not even the end of our summer! Still got a ways to go.

Stick around.