Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our New Yard

After many requests...here it is. The before and AFTER of our new yard. It is wonderful and we have really enjoyed it in this unseasonably warm fall! Please come play! Here is our before...so sad!

Here is during. So much work went into it!And here it is! TA-DA!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Girls

Adeline April and Bailey Sara...
I adore my girls more than life itself. I love having daughters...they are also my sisters! I dream of dance recitals, school clothes shopping, and every detail of a date (weddings and babies are too far off to think of yet). They are both beautiful and sweet and so unique. I just love my girls and wanted to share!

My Boys....Go Cougars!

Just the cutest pictures of my boys going to a BYU football game. Austin loves to go. No matter how hard I try to get him to stay home (even my best bribes don't work), he just wants to go. He loves these special times with his dad. By the way...These boys are the loves of my life!

Halloween 2007

Two fairy princesses and a spiderman! We had a such a blast trick-or-treating in JuJu and Papa's neighborhood and then off to our neighborhood. Thanks Papa for taking the kids around! It was fun to watch Addie, as it was her first year that she really understood the cool concept of trick-or-treating.
We had the cutest pirate costume for Austin that I borrowed from Cami, but Austin just insisted on being spiderman. I even tried to talk him into being one for the school party and another for trick-or-treating, but he just wanted to be spidey all day. I guess it's not about me:) He loved it!
I made Adeline's and Bailey's costumes. They were easy and fun. Hope all had a great Halloween!