Monday, April 16, 2012

Is 32 Gross?

Because I'm 32 today and I kind of feel gross. I mean starting from the top, I have the skin of a 70 year old woman AND a 14 year old the same time. How is that fair to a 32 year old? It's not! But I have age spots and acne and neither are very becoming or age appropriate. Gross!

Moving down...I have nursed 4 babies....mmmm hmmmm.

And just below that (and I mean JUST below)... I was at the grocery store with just Lila the other day and an old woman came up to me and said "Looks like your baby is going to have a brother or sister soon." Now, I am under no delusions about the shape of my body. I know my baby is 9 months old and I know I should be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm not. I exercise a lot and eat well, but I'm just not, OK? And believe me, I'm way less happy about it than you! I wanted to say all this to ignorant old woman, but instead I walked away before she saw me cry. Then I came home and put every single thing I was wearing in the DI pile and had a big crying pity party!

32 is GROSS!

Moving along... I went hiking all over Moab this past weekend with my beautiful, strong, healthy family.

WAIT! I hiked all over? With ease! Maybe my body isn't so bad. My body carried and delivered 4 cute babies.

Babies who are growing up to be these incredible little people who are smart, healthy, fun, active, creative, etc., etc.

And this man I married... He's pretty awesome. And funny. Funny and awesome and smart and doesn't care that I still look a little pregnant.

I also belong to a church where I have knowledge of the fullness of the gospel! Because I belong to this church, that means I have the gift of the Holy Ghost. How anyone functions in this life without it is beyond me!

So summing it up... I'm 32 and enjoying good health in myself and my family. I'm watching these 4 children grow, which brings indescribable joy and I get to do it all with a man that adores me for me. I'm surrounded by family and friends (you know who you are) who let me talk about myself endlessly, serve me selflessly and never tire of laughing with (and maybe at) me!

AND I have faith and hope and an eternity of all of this to look forward too...

I guess 32 isn't so gross after all.


Cyndi said...

This is my favorite post. Happy Birthday Kim!

You are so fun to be around. Everybody loves you. To be loved by all is truly a desired characteristic!

Jon and Tasha Fam said...

I love this post!!! Happy Birthday!! You are always harder on yourself than anyone else, Your an amazing mother and you look good no matter what! Enjoy Your day:)

Megan said...

You are a crack up! I hope you have a happy birthday. (btw, I moved to Cedar Hills...maybe I'll bump into you sometime!)

Trav and Linds said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love this post! 32 is definitely not gross, although I definitely feel ya and hate getting older too. you are amazing and gorgeous girl!

Janet said...

I always think that my body gave me six of the people I love most in the world. And now that body is thin and sick and I must endure to the end. You are wonderful! And just enjoy your children and your mother body!

laura said...

Happy birthday! I was thinking about you all day, knowing it was your birthday. And, 32 is great. It's just one year away from the wonderful 33, multiple of 11. I know you can't wait!

The White Family said...

32 isn't so bad, I am at 36 now and still here :) Keep your chin up!!!