Monday, August 6, 2012

You Might Be Wondering...

Is the Jonas family ALIVE?


You also might be wondering...

What on earth have those people been up to?

Well wonder no more! Here is our update starting in May...

Bailey "graduated" from pre-school. Watch out kindergarten!

 Bailey and Adeline had their year-end dance performance

 In June John went to Moab for youth conference
 He grew a "play-off beard" for his beloved ice hockey team, the LA Kings, who won the Stanley Cup this year
 We celebrated 11 years of marriage
 Austin decided this year to do baseball instead of soccer. It was a fun season.
 We loved watching all of his games
 He loved the sunflower seeds
 And played hard

 We had a traditional 4th of July, starting at the Freedom Parade

 Swimming in the afternoon
 And fireworks in the evening
 My baby girl turned 1!

 She is still a perfect joy
 John and I snuck away to Las Vegas to see Phantom with some friends.

Our lives have changed dramatically this summer. We originally planned to remodel our current home and stick around here for a few more years, but "THE" house came to us without us even looking. It's a massive fixer-upper, so our lives have been consumed by contracting out the remodel and making a million decisions.  We've had a steep learning curve, but it's starting to come together so we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I will have before and after pics in the next few weeks!


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